Who is he?

Marzio D’alessandro is quite famous in London. He is the owner of “Private Eye London”, a professional private detective agency serving the London, Scotland and Wales areas. They are famous in the UK for offering many services such as locating missing persons, polygraph services, spying on cheating partners and creating new identities for privacy reasons etc. Private Eye London is geared to help any person in crisis in London and the suburbs.

Marzio landed on his private detective service by pure accident. One of Marzio’s friends approached Marzio to seek help in locating his missing wife and her mother. Marzio was always interested in private detective work. This is why his friend approached him for help. Marzio went to work immediately by searching for a detective agency in London. He handed over the case to the private detective agency. The agency was able to locate the missing persons within the shortest possible time period, and this too in a discreet manner. This incident sparked the hidden passion in Marzio. Marzio went to learn private detective work immediately. This was the inception of his private detective service.

Marzio still associates with the original private detective that helped him to locate the missing wife and mother of his friend. Private Eye London has helped many clients to locate their missing persons in London and other regions of the United Kingdom. They are equipped with the latest gadgets in the private detective industry. Marzio uses trackers and surveillance for cars in tracing the persons your partner might be cheating with. They also use GPS systems to track the movements of your cheating partner. Some of the most advanced equipment include the micro USB spy camera, the GSM bug wall clock, radio alarm clock and clock-watcher converter.

Private Eye London is one of the best private detective services serving the citizens of London and its suburbs.