“Private Eye London” is a private detective service

“Private Eye London” is a private detective service based in the United Kingdom. It is owned by Marzio D’alessandro, who landed on this business purely due to an accident. Private Eye London will help any person in crisis whether he or she lives in London, Scotland or Wales. The company is quite famous in the UK for providing a great service to the public in locating missing persons, keeping an eye on cheating partners and polygraph services. They also specialize in creating new identities for people for privacy reasons.

Marzio D’alessandro was drawn to this business on pure accident when a member of his family went missing. In fact, the family member and her mother both went missing at the same time. Marzio was approached by the family and was asked to help them to find the missing persons. Marzio got to work immediately. He searched the web and found a private detective in his town. He then phoned the detective agency and handed over the missing person’s case to them. The private detective service went to work on the case immediately. They were able to trace the missing persons quite sooner than most expected. It was done on such a discreet manner too.

Marzio was really impressed on the way the detective firm handled the case and finally solved it. This incident was able to spark a hidden passion in Marzio and arouse his interest in private detective work. This was the beginning of Marzio’s private detective work. Marzio was able to open up his own private detective service by the name of Private Eye London thereafter. Marzio is still connected to the private detective who helped to locate his missing family member at the first instance. Both of them have collectively solved thousands of missing person cases within the United Kingdom. They have helped thousands of people reunited with their immediate family.


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